Eye Tracking

Eye Tracking can give you real detail to help you understand how people use your materials or device.

Using our expertise in Usability Testing, we are able to design a testing approach suitable for any product or client requirement. Our Eye Tracking systems provide us with a flexible approach, meaning that we can test pretty much anything.

How we can help

Through applying our methodology, we can tell you how someone is using your material or device, what they engage with, what they ignore and which parts they find problematic. This provides a scientific, statistically proven level of analysis to Usability Testing.

Seeing is believing

Our Eye Tracking methodology is non-invasive, allowing you to observe the user in a more natural environment which gives more accurate results. With our technology, we are able to offer live feedback sessions within our offices that you are invited to come and enjoy. We can also provide the video recording as well as tailored analysis to suit your development needs.

Do you want to understand how your materials or device are performing in the hands of your users?

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