• Write & Design

    Luto are experts in writing and designing clear health communications. Our evidenced based approach and unique ‘Audience Design’ service means that users will find your communications easier to use.

  • Study

    Let us help you understand how users interact with your communications or device. We offer a range of study methods and tools. Our academic links mean that we can design any study to meet your needs.

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  • Clinical Trial Lay Summaries

  • Package Leaflets (PIL)

    Luto can enhance the clarity and readability of your Package Leaflet using our unique ‘Audience Design Step’ and ensure it meets regulatory requirements.

  • Instructions for Use (IFU)

    A great device is only as good as the instructions that accompany it. Our proven expertise and understanding of good information design allows us to deliver high quality and cost effective solutions to our clients.

  • Clinical Trials

    Poor quality patient information impacts at all levels and is the most common reason for the misunderstanding of Clinical Trials information.

  • Risk Management

    Luto has experience in producing an array of Educational Tools for Clinical Trials training packages and teaching tools for patients and healthcare professionals.

  • Marketing Materials

    Our user-centred approach and in-depth knowledge of Information Design ensures your Marketing Materials create an impact.

  • Digital

    We can help you create digital communications that are engaging and most importantly, easy to use and understand.

  • User Engagement

    Luto is able to facilitate Focus Groups which enable you to study people in a natural environment.

  • Readability User Testing

    Readability Testing Package Leaflets and Instructions for Use (IFUs) across the EU and US.

  • Usability Testing

    Our hands-on Usability Testing service is designed specifically for each IFU we test.

  • Eye Tracking

    Luto offers state of the art Eye Tracking technology facilities.

  • Expert Usability Review

    Luto has a wealth of experience in best practice and design, making us perfect for conducting Expert Usability Reviews.

  • Heuristic Evaluation

    Luto can utilise a Heuristic Evaluation approach to help identify potential usability problems in a user interface design.

  • Usability Lab and Viewing Facility