Professor Theo Raynor

Co-founder and Academic Advisor

Professor Raynor works at research, practice and policy level in the UK, US and Australia. He is inaugural Professor of Pharmacy Practice at the University of Leeds, where he leads a highly active practice research programme which is complemented by his input into Luto which he co-founded in 2004.

His research team focuses on the effective delivery of medicines information for patients. Key research includes the first studies subsequent to EU Law requiring supply of a comprehensive leaflet for patients with each medicine pack; an international audit of patient information leaflets with colleagues in USA and Australia; expressing the chance of harm and benefit in patient information leaflets, a systematic review of research evidence for written medicines information funded by UK Department of Health, Health Technology Assessment programme and an ongoing collaboration with Australian universities, including Sydney and Queensland, including the government funded “Improving consumer medicines information” research study. He recently gave expert input to an FDA Public Hearing in Washington DC and to the Health Committee of the European Parliament in Brussels.

Watch this video to find out more about Professor Raynor’s role as an academic pharmacist.

Selected publications