Risk Management Plan Lay Summary User Testing presented in London

Professor Theo Raynor, co-founder and academic advisor to Luto recently presented preliminary results of the user testing of Risk Management Plan (RMP) lay summaries at the DIA 8th European Medical Information and Communications conference.

This was part of a session he had helped organise called “Information to patients in the European Union”. The session was open by Juan Garcia from the European Medicines Agency (EMA) who talked generally about the EMA and its role in information for patients. Theo then talked about how to make RMP lay summaries fit-for-purpose and gave the preliminary results of the user testing of two such summaries which had just been completed at Luto.

In his presentation, Professor Raynor described how lay participants had struggled not only to understand the purpose of the summaries, but also to find and understand key points of information in the documents. He went on to describe how the template for the summaries could be improved and what the future might hold for such lay summaries.

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