Luto awards winning poster to BHF – Empowering people through film

BHF winning poster extract

The PiF conference was a pleasure to attend as usual – enthusiastic speakers and equally enthusiastic delegates. Early on Sue Farringdon mentioned the NHS ‘Five Year Forward View’ and this made me reflect on my personal ’35 Year Backward View’ – of the amazing development of the field of patient information during my professional life.

The posters were plentiful and high quality – at the level you would expect to see at an academic event (but more interesting). It turns out that the winning poster was one that had caught my attention – although I was neutral, representing the sponsor company, Luto Research, and handing out the prize. The British Heart Foundation’s use of film to get across the patient view resonated with current research in the Leeds and Bradford health and academic community – looking at the ‘transitions’ between hospitals, homes and care homes where medicines often falls through the net. We will be using ‘trigger films’ of patient experiences to stimulate solutions with health professionals and all stakeholders. Finally, the phrase that I will always associate with the conference was on the BHF poster ‘Ronseal headings work best’. This epitomises my personal approach to patient information and that of Luto Research. We always try to word information so that ‘it does what it says on the tin’. Theo Raynor

‘At the British Heart Foundation we’re committed to helping people living with cardiovascular disease manage their condition through offering high-quality information, support and guidance. We’ve found that video is an extremely powerful way to do this. We’re delighted that our peers responded so positively to our poster sharing what we’ve learned so far and we hope it sparks further conversation within the community about best practice for patient videos.’

Kerry McLoed, Heart Health Multimedia Manager, British Heart Foundation

See the British Heart Foundation winning poster (pdf) for further information about their approach to creating videos, audience insight, successes and challenges.  See videos covering a wide range of topics on the British Heart Foundation YouTube channel.