‘It’s all there in black and white’ – or is it? Improving medicines labelling

Health Expectations Journal

Research on the labelling of over-the-counter medicines has been published in the international journal ‘Health Expectations’ with the support of Luto. This is the work of PhD candidate Vivien Tong from the University of Sydney – with one of the co-authors being Professor Theo Raynor, co-founder and academic advisor to Luto. The paper described preliminary work from the first phase of Vivien’s research which involved interviews with members of the public. The purpose of these interviews was to explore people’s opinions on a new type of label proposed for use as a standardised label for all over-the-counter medicines in Australia. The UK interviews took place during the time Vivien spent at the University of Leeds and at Luto.

At the same time, during this visit, Vivien also conducted User Test interviews with members of the public to see how well different over-the-counter labels and leaflets could be used and understood. This User Testing was done using Luto’s facilities and Vivien was given training in User Testing techniques.

Vivien presented an update on her research on over-the-counter medicine labelling at the World Pharmacy Congress in Dusseldorf in September.

Original Research Paper – ‘It’s all there in black and white’ – or is it? Consumer perspectives on the proposed Australian Medicine Information Box over-the-counter label format.