Happy holidays!

Christmas is about friends, family and loved ones. It’s all about bringing people closer to you. These days, our world is connected more than ever, something which is close to Luto’s heart and something we’re very proud of: our clients come from all corners of the globe.

With this in mind, the inspiration for our 2013 Christmas card was born. This is our world represented, one closely knit island, represented by famous (and maybe some not so famous) landmarks of the north, east, south and west…and all in our new Luto brand colours.

Luto Christmas card design

Fancy a tour? Say ‘hello’ to the Statue of Liberty and then pop over to the Eiffel Tower (via the Great Pyramids of course). Wonder at the mysterious heads of Easter Island and feed the pigeons outside London’s Battersea Power Station before enjoying a warming cuppa in a typical UK northern terrace house. Did you spot the other Leeds landmark? Marvel at the beauty of Moscow’s St Basil’s Church in the snow, catch a Hackney cab and motor past the Parkinson and Chrysler buildings to take in a view of Mount Fuji (and possibly a polar bear) from the London Eye. Christmas wouldn’t be complete without a robin and a dove too.

The slightly retro style of the illustration evokes Christmases past but is also a modern representation of the world, encompassing the variety and breadth of the different countries and cultures. The landmarks are simple, their basic forms with touches of detail add a sense of fun. The design followed the same iterative approach we apply to every project. All of the team were involved in suggesting landmarks. The layout was mapped out roughly at first, then, once the basic forms of the buildings were designed, our graphic designer worked on piecing and blending them together. The Dutch bike, British phone box and beach huts, London bus and tropical surf boards add human touches and personal references to cultures and places we can all identify with.

We would like to wish all of our clients and friends around the world happy holidays!

Let us know what you thought about our Christmas card design, we’d love to hear your comments.