Seeing red!

We’ll be joining the British Heart Foundation’s WEAR IT. BEAT IT. campaign in their fight against heart disease on Friday 6th February donning scarlet shirts and socks (and who knows whatever else), cooking up a collection of crimson bakes and getting just a little bit competitive with the team Luto big red quiz.

The kids in the British Heart Foundation TV advert warmed the cockles of our heart and we couldn’t help but chuckle at their cuteness as they try to say the name of their heart condition.  Wouldn’t it be great if all information about health conditions and medications came with a phonetic spelling too?  This is standard practice in the United States where Medication Guides are required to include the phonetic spelling of either the brand or established name of the medicine (see item b1 of this FDA regulation).  A nice little heart related example is the medicine Disopyramide (dye-soh-peer-ram-mide), used to treat heart rhythm problems.

No matter what their age, giving patients a helping hand by simply showing them how to pronounce the name of their medicine is so simple yet so effective.  It’s one small change that could go a long way in building a patient’s confidence to talk about their condition and medicines, particularly with healthcare professionals.

Find out more about WEAR IT. BEAT IT. and what you can do to support the British Heart Foundation.