Patient Safety Awareness Week: March 12th to 18th 2017

Patient safety awareness weekThis month sees the return of Patient Safety Awareness Week. Founded by the not-for-profit organisation ‘The National Patient Safety Foundation’, the event provides the opportunity to engage with healthcare professionals and patients to highlight the importance of patient safety and help spread this message.

As a leading health communications and testing company, patient safety is at the heart of what Luto does. By designing clear health communications, and testing them with real people, we are helping to ensure that patients and healthcare professionals have an understanding of the information they receive and that it meets their needs.

According to The National Literacy Trust; ‘One person in six in the UK lives with poor literacy’. This highlights the importance of using lay wording and other readability best practice to ensure patients are able to understand information about the medicines they take, thus increasing patient safety.

As potential patients, members of the Luto team have taken the 2017 pledge for patient safety – why not get involved and take the pledge too.