Luto supports NHS England workshop on medicines taking

Patients and carers recruited by Luto played a key role in a recent workshop ‘Making medicines‑taking a better experience’. They featured in the report of the workshop on the NHS England website which is available to read here. There were 5 key themes generated by the patients and carers during the workshop, including the provision of better information and support, to enable them to get the best from their medicines.

The workshop aimed to inform the strategy for NHS England on ‘medicines optimisation’ – to help patients get better outcomes from medicines. As part of this strategy, a guide called ‘Medicines Optimisation: Helping patients to make the most of medicines‘ has been published by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society. The guide aims to help healthcare professionals make sure the right patients get the right choice of medicines at the right time.

Other participants in the workshop included health professionals and subject matter experts including Luto’s co-founder and academic advisor, Professor Theo Raynor. When asked about the workshop Professor Raynor commented ‘In many cases, the person who knows the most about their medicines is the person who is taking them. Making grass roots patients the focus for strategy development makes sense on all fronts, and NHS England are to be congratulated on this initiative.’

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