Lay Person Summaries – What do patients really want and need?

Lay Person Sumamries - what do patients really want and need?On Tuesday 2nd May our co-founder and academic advisor, Professor Theo Raynor will be presenting work on lay summary testing at the Joint EFGCP-EFPIA Workshop on Communicating Clinical Trial Results to Meet Public Needs. The event will take place in Brussels where Theo will also be participating in a panel discussion ‘How to prepare Europe for Lay Summaries’.

The following day, Theo will be at European Medical Writers Association (EMWA) Annual Conference, Birmingham, talking about ‘Pharmacovigilance documents – what do patients really want and need?’.  This presentation will be made as part of an expert seminar series run jointly with Dr Juan Garcia Burgos (Head of Medical and Health Information in Stakeholders and Communication Division, EMA).

Find out more about EU Clinical Trials Regulations and providing Lay Person Summaries.