Focusing our sights on eye tracking technology

EyeTrackingLuto’s new recruits bring with them a wealth of experience in engineering, eye tracking and human factors. Combined with our academic links, this strengthens our service offering within the eye tracking area.

Eye tracking adds an extra dimension to our research capabilities and allows clients to understand how people interact with their information materials or device. The technology enables Luto to perform deeper analysis and contributes to the relaxing and realistic environment we make for people taking part in studies. We can provide live feedback sessions within our usability testing lab, which offers viewing facilities for clients to observe studies without disturbing the people taking part. We can also make video recordings available and tailored analysis to suit your project requirements.

Wayne Middleton, CEO of Luto, says: “Our overriding goal at Luto is to make health information clear and we’re always looking at new ways to achieve this end.”

“Our reputation is built upon academic rigour and patient-centricity and our new additions to the team evidence these qualities in spades. We’re over the moon to be growing our team of specialists and excited to learn the ways in which we can better exploit eye tracking technologies.”