Health Literacy Month: October 2021

This month celebrates 22 years of health literacy! Founded in 1999 and organised by the Institute for Healthcare Advancement (IHA), the aim of Health Literacy Month is to bring together healthcare professionals and healthcare users from around the world, to work collaboratively in the interests of health literacy.

The primary goal of Health Literacy Month is to “promote the importance of understandable health information for all”, and turn awareness of health literacy into action.

Why is health literacy important?

Studies have consistently found that people find it difficult to understand health information. This has never been more apparent than in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, when more health information – often complicated and unfamiliar – has been published than perhaps ever before.

But health information doesn’t have to be confusing, technical or difficult to understand. Healthcare users should be able to access, understand and act on healthcare information quickly and easily, in order to make informed choices about their health care journey and improve their health outcomes.

Luto’s commitment to health literacy

At Luto, our priority has always been to make health information clearer. We work with professionals from the healthcare and pharma sectors as well as carers, advocates and patients, to ensure that the health information we produce meets the needs of ALL users.

We are committed to raising awareness of the importance of clear communication in healthcare and support Health Literacy Month’s goal to raise awareness and action in the field of patient communications.
If you haven’t been involved in Health Literacy Month before, then it’s a good opportunity to look at health literacy more critically, consider what it means to your organisation and customers, and think about what steps you could take to improve the information you produce.