Health innovation – Bone china

Whilst our colleagues are busy at COMPAMED this week we’ve been exploring some of the amazing health technology innovations being showcased this year. 3D printing is hitting the headlines in health innovation and we were interested to hear about a whole new take on the notion of ceramics.

bonechina - Ceramic Implants: “We simply print out bone replacements” Ceramic ImplantsScientists in Berlin have developed ceramic materials that can form structures similar to those of bone. Using a 3D printer the bone structures are created, layer by layer, to generate a three-dimensional part that can be used as a bone replacement. After a short amount of time the replacement grows together with bone tissue and a new bone is created. Not only is this a pretty amazing use of 3D printing but the 3D forms created are quite beautiful sculptural structures in themselves.

You can find out more about ceramic implants and of course, if we can help you with creating clear instructions for use for your medical devices, then come along and say hello, we’re on Stand R21 in Hall 8a.