Health Information Week 2-8 July 2018

Once again this year, Luto will be taking part in the annual Health Information Week. As specialists in the creation of clear health communication which meets the needs of real people, we are always proud to support this initiative.

The aim of Health Information Week is to promote quality health resources. By encouraging partnership across sectors, we can ensure the general public knows exactly what resources are available, which sources provide accurate and reliable information, and how to access them.

Top Tips

  • Banish “Doctor Google” – knowledge may be power but not everything you read online is reliable. The NHS website is always a good place to start when searching for health information – but if you have any serious concerns, speaking to a healthcare professional is key.
  • Question the headlines – sensational headlines capture the public’s attention but are they telling us the whole story? Always be cautious of hearsay, and where statistics are quoted, try to access the original source. Ask yourself whether statistics have been distorted in order to draw particular conclusions, and whether the authors are being balanced or pushing their own agenda.


Use a variety of sources – Whilst using information sources that work best for you is important, don’t be quick to dismiss alternatives. From the internet to books, leaflets, apps, television programmes and documentaries, variety could be the key to being in the know about your health.

How can you get involved?

Join the campaign on Twitter – #HIW2018 @Healthinfoweek

Share your support and experiences with friends and family on social media – Do you have any personal experiences that other people could benefit from hearing about? If you have accessed any particularly good information resources recently, be sure to share them with others.

Making an appointment at your local library is a great way to find out more about what information is available to you. Many libraries now also run a variety of sessions to brush up on your skills.