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User testingEngaging with users of your products and services early in the design process will help you respond to their real needs whilst saving you time and money.  In addition, getting insight from user research is key to creating safe and effective products and services.  Whilst this activity is not always factored in at the start of the development process, conducting usability testing to evaluate a product and its accompanying materials such as Instructions for Use (IFU) with potential users is an important step.

With this in mind, we’re pleased to announce the opening of our new usability research lab, specifically designed to test your products and materials – whether it’s an IFU, medical device, app or website. We can interview real people to make sure your health information meets the needs of your customers.

There are common methodologies employed in usability testing. At Luto our project team work with you to identify the best way of achieving your goals. We will design a study bespoke to you that meets your needs.

During a Luto usability test, our participants will complete typical tasks while our clients and project team watch, listen and take notes. The goal here is to identify any usability problems, collect quantitative and qualitative data and determine the participant’s satisfaction with the materials or product.

User feedback is not always clear and straight forward to understand.  Our knowledge of information design and experience of working with users, enables us to interpret their feedback to really understand what is needed and design appropriate solutions in response.

Our lab spaces accommodate small to larger groups of up to 15 people and are complemented by viewing rooms where clients and moderators can observe participants in real time via video-link during user-testing. Pan and tilt cameras with full audio recording capture user activity which can also be live streamed for clients to view testing activity remotely.

The lab is also ideal for focus groups, market research, field research and simulated environments.

We can help you recruit the right people for your study with access to a broad range of demographics including patients, carers and healthcare professionals.

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