Design and process – creating Luto’s new animation

Luto animation storyboard

We’re really delighted with our new animation that aims to give insight into how we help organisations to overcome the challenges associated with creating clear health information. We asked Kris, our animator on this project, to share some of his thoughts about the design and process that we used to create the piece.

The design
The task was to communicate Luto’s services to our target audience. We wanted to do this by creating a clear user-centred story. Rather than begin with ‘this is about us’, we started with ‘this is about you’. Therefore, the scene was set with presenting the problem; what happens when people can’t use their devices or take their drugs correctly?

Then, together with information about our processes and services, we outline the solution – good information. The animation features simple illustrations with clean lines to reinforce our message of making communications clear.

The process
Before we started creating the animation, time was spent discussing existing animations and styles to help shape ideas. From this point the voice over script was developed and a roughly sketched storyboard created. The storyboard was illustrated, then once approved, static storyboard slides were put together alongside a draft edit of the voice over. This allowed us to see the flow and pace, easily make edits and eventually animate the different scenes.

Luto’s experienced team can design and produce a wide range of animations to suit your project requirements. This may include instructional animations for using devices or marketing animations to promote your products.

Take a look at the Luto animation and our new characters who will be joining the Luto team at Compamed this week.