Case Study: Creating instructions for use that are ‘Easy Peezy’

Early in 2014, Luto had the pleasure of working on a set of new instructions for a medical device called ‘Peezy’.

Peezy, previous winner of the 2009 Design Week Awards ‘Best in Show’ honour, was created by Forte Medical and is a device that aids the user in giving a midstream urine sample. Obtaining good midstream urine samples using traditional methods can be problematic; it’s a tricky process for the user and contamination can lead to the need for re-testing. Peezy not only makes the process a lot easier for the user, but it can also have a positive impact on contamination rates.

Following updates and improvements to the device, Luto was asked by Forte Medical to create a new pack, with clear, simple instructions for use that reflect the simplicity of the process.

Read our case study to find out how we achieved this.

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