Professor Theo Raynor invited to give the Rennebohm Lectures in USA

Professor Theo Raynor has been invited to give the prestigious Rennebohm Lectures at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, in November this year. The lectures have been running since 1955, when they were established by Oscar Rennebohm, a pharmacist who served as State Governor in the 1940s and established a foundation at the University. This is a notable honour as it’s the first time an academic from outside the North America has been invited and last year’s lecture was given by the geneticist and Nobel Laureate Mario Capecchi. The honour further builds on links with the School of Pharmacy at Madison, as part of the WUN Collaboration ‘Supporting patients to make best use of their medicines’ which Theo set up with the Universities of Wisconsin and Sydney. The lectures are over two days, and cover both a technical and philosophical approach, to highlight the speaker’s expertise and the societal impact of their work.