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Luto launches new website

A few things have changed at Luto today. Our team has worked their magic on our new website. After months of planning it is finally live, we hope you like it. That’s not the only new thing either. We’ve also been busy refreshing our brand identity too. We developed our new site using the same […]

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Medicines for older people

By 2050, it is estimated that 30% of the total population will be aged 65 or older. Older people often have more than one illness and can be taking multiple medicines. The treatment needs of older people are different to younger people. The older someone gets, the more these differences can have an effect: older […]

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Professor Theo Raynor invited to give the Rennebohm Lectures in USA

Professor Theo Raynor has been invited to give the prestigious Rennebohm Lectures at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, in November this year. The lectures have been running since 1955, when they were established by Oscar Rennebohm, a pharmacist who served as State Governor in the 1940s and established a foundation at the University. This […]

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