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A game changer for patient safety

Research supported by Luto has been published in the journal BMJ Quality and Safety. The research shows that use of NHS guidelines for giving injections – improved through user testing – led to nearly 2 and a half more doses being given without mistakes. One commentator said that this is ‘a game changer for patient […]

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Luto turns 15!

We can hardly believe it ourselves, but we’re proud to announce that this year Luto celebrates its 15th birthday! In the Americas, this would constitute our ‘Quinceañera’ – or ‘coming of age’ celebration. And in many ways, that’s exactly how it feels. Luto (Leeds University Testing Organisation) was founded in 2004 to write and test […]

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Health Literacy Month 2019

October is Health Literacy Month, a time for professionals, users and advocates around the world to collaborate, share information and help spread awareness about health literacy and the need for ‘understandable health communication’. This year, Health Literacy Month celebrates its 20th anniversary. If you haven’t been involved before, it’s a great opportunity to take part […]

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