Luto turns 15!

We can hardly believe it ourselves, but we’re proud to announce that this year Luto celebrates its 15th birthday! In the Americas, this would constitute our ‘Quinceañera’ – or ‘coming of age’ celebration. And in many ways, that’s exactly how it feels.

Luto (Leeds University Testing Organisation) was founded in 2004 to write and test package leaflets. But from those humble beginnings, we’ve grown into an industry-leading global health communications and testing company.

Over the years, we’ve branched out to offer a more comprehensive range of services, ranging from package leaflets to clinical trial design and usability testing.

One of our most exciting new developments is the addition of a state-of-the-art user research facility, incorporating research labs with viewing rooms, conference facility and technical support. It’s ideal for focus groups, workshops and meetings, and will help our clients to get the very best from their research.

Today, Luto is proud to boast a team of highly skilled and experienced experts in health information design, with internationally-acclaimed academic advisers who are leaders in the field. This includes Chief Executive Wayne Middleton, a respected expert in health information design, who joined the Luto family in 2014.


It’s thanks to our incredible staff, excellent client base and ongoing support from a reliable and enthusiastic pool of participants, that Luto is celebrating a fantastic first 15 years in business. Here’s to the next 15!