What we do

Here at Luto, we help companies who make medicines write and design health information that is clear and accessible to everyone. We conduct studies with members of the public to help check if important pieces of information are easy to find within the medicine leaflets and patient brochures.

How you can help

We ask members of the community to take part in our studies to help us review health information. If you take We will listen to your feedback to see if the information is easy to use and understand. We will also use this feedback to improve the health information.

As a thank you for taking part you will receive a £30 amazon e-voucher.

It is easy to take part

Currently all our interviews take place remotely, using telephone or video calls, so it is easier than ever to take part.

1.  Sign up online

We welcome people of all ages and backgrounds to take part. Click here to register your interest. If you have any questions, please visit our FAQ section below.

2.  We will contact you

One of our team members will give you a call to confirm your details and give you more information about taking part. We will also ask you a few simple questions about your medical history and any medicines you take. This is to make sure we can match you to the right study.

3.  Book your appointment

We will try and match you to a suitable study straight away. If all the current studies are booked up, do not worry, we will contact you as soon as a suitable study becomes available.

Once you are booked in…

4.  We will send you an information pack

An information pack will be sent to your home address and will contain everything you need to be able to take part in the study. The pack will also include a consent form for you to sign and return to us here at Luto via a courier service that we provide.

5.  Take part from the comfort of your own home

At a time that suits you, you will receive a telephone call from one of our trained Luto interviewers. You will be asked to look through the information about a medicine, medical product, or treatment that will be provided in your pack. We will then ask you some questions about the information to see if it is easy to use and understand. The call will be audio recorded so we can review it to make sure we have accurately recorded your feedback.

A few days after the call a courier will then call by your home to collect your pack.

6.  Receive your incentive

Once we have received your pack, we will send a £30 amazon e-voucher to your email address.

If you do not use amazon, you can speak to one of our friendly team members to see how we can accommodate you.

Frequently asked questions

Taking part

What will happen during my interview?

This varies slightly between projects, the team member who contacts you about taking part will be able to explain the process in more detail. Most of our user testing projects will require you to:

      • give your verbal consent to take part in the study
      • read information about a medicine, medical product, or treatment
      • answer 12-15 questions about the information
      • provide your overall feedback about the information.

How long do interviews usually last?

Interviews last between 45-60 minutes, but some can last as little as 20 minutes. This varies from study to study, but we will let you know how long the interview will last before booking you in.

Who can take part?

We welcome people from all backgrounds and ages to take part in our research. Anyone over the age of 18 can register to take part by clicking here.

If you are under the age of 18, we will need to speak to your legal guardian before we sign you up to our database. Please send an email to recruitment@luto.co.uk to register your interest and we will arrange a call when you and your legal guardian are available.

What if I do not get matched to a study straight away?

If we cannot match you to a study straight away, we will keep your details and contact you as soon as a suitable study is available

How often can I take part?

You can take part in a study every six months.

Do I have to be based in Bradford to take part?

No, we welcome participants from across England to take part in our remote interviews.

Are you looking for new participants?

Yes, we are always looking for new people to take part! Click here to sign up.

I am a healthcare professional; can I still take part?

Yes, we have some studies specifically for healthcare professionals so if you would like to get involved, please sign up here.

Is my feedback anonymised?

Yes, your feedback will be anonymous.

How can I prepare for my interview?

When you receive your participant pack at your home address, please read the instructions about how to prepare for your interview.

We normally ask that you:

        • read and sign the consent forms in the pack before the interview
        • find a quiet space away from distractions
        • have all the materials provided in your participant pack in front of you for the beginning of the session
        • do not open the internal hard back envelope inside the pack until your interviewer asks you to do so.

    Is there an upper age limit for taking part?

    No, there is no upper age limit for taking part.

    What personal information does Luto collect?

    We will collect your contact information:

        • Name
        • Address
        • Telephone numbers
        • Email address
            • Some of our studies require people with certain experience. To enable us to match you to a suitable study we also collect your:

              • Age and date of birth
              • Age of any dependent children
              • Level of education
              • Employment status / Job title
              • If you use written literature in your job
              • How often you use IT at work
              • Current and past illnesses and medicine
              • Experience of caring for someone with an illness or someone who takes medicine


          Will I get paid?

          Yes, as a thank you for taking part you will receive a £30 amazon e-voucher when we receive your pack back at Luto following your call.

          When will I receive my incentive?

          You will receive your e-voucher between 7-10 working days following your call and return of the pack.

          Why can’t I find my incentive in my email inbox?

          Please check your spam and junk folders, as sometimes the vouchers get filtered into these folders. If it has been at least 10 days since you took part and you still cannot see your voucher, give us a call on +44 (0) 113 518 6222 or email us at recruitment@luto.co.uk, and we will resend the voucher link.

          Participant packs and couriers

          When will I receive my pack?

          Your participant pack should arrive by 5 pm on the day before your interview takes place.

          Your confirmation email will advise which day your pack should arrive. If it does not arrive by this date, please contact us as soon as possible by calling us on +44 (0) 113 518 6222 or email us at recruitment@luto.co.uk.

          Do I need to be at home when the courier delivers my pack?

          No, the packs can be posted through the letterbox if you are not home. Please let us know if you do not have a letter box and we will arrange for the packs to be left in a safe space.

          Do I need to be at home when the courier collects my pack?

          No, the interviewer will confirm at the end of your appointment if you are going to be home on the collection day. If you are not in or will not be able to answer the door, the interviewer will ask if you can leave the pack in a safe space outside of your home. We will pass this information onto the courier.

          What should I do if I miss my courier collection?

          Please let us know as soon as possible if you have missed your courier collection. You can call us on +44 (0) 113 518 6222 or email us at recruitment@luto.co.uk. Please know that we can only offer the incentive payment once we have your pack back at Luto.

          What time will the couriers deliver my pack?

          The couriers will usually deliver packs between 9 am – 5 pm.

          What time will the couriers collect my pack?

          The couriers will usually collect packs between 9 am – 5 pm.