Luto has experience in producing an array of Educational Tools for Clinical Trials training packages, and teaching tools for patients and healthcare professionals

Luto has experience in originating, testing and refining an array of Educational Tools associated with Risk Management Plans (RMP) and Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS). These Educational Tools include products such as Clinical Trials training packages and teaching tools for using medical devices aimed at patients and healthcare professionals.

We have worked on projects on an international scale. Our experience enables us to improve and develop a range of print and digital Educational Tools that are not only visually aesthetic, but by applying simple yet effective readability best practice principles are also comprehensive, engaging and designed to capture the widest possible audience.

Luto offers an iterative design testing process, bespoke to your needs, using User Acceptance Testing to identify whether your materials meet the requirements of the end user group. The testing of Educational Tools is a good way to not only reduce the cost of developing your design but most importantly, our testing measures the quality of the design and ensures that it works exactly as intended.

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