Engaging with the users of your products and services enables you to study people in their natural environment and gain direct feedback in an engaging and informative way.

One-to-one Interviews

One-to-one interviews are particularly appropriate when examining the usability of a piece of information or a device. Working with an individual on their own allows replication of their normal practice – before the interview you can ask them to read a document in a way they would in a normal situation. This type of interview helps to identify individual decision-making processes – exploring whether a person can find a piece of information relating to questions asked, and whether they can show their understanding of the information. One-to-one interviews also provide an opportunity to explore a person’s answers to questions without influence from other users. The interview provides useful feedback about how an individual reacts to, and uses, information in the context of their attitudes, beliefs and experiences.

Focus Groups

Through moderated discussion, in which we encourage all of our participants to actively participate, a Focus Group can be a good way to gauge opinion and gather information from users about your products, services or features before they have been developed.

Focus Groups can be used as a research method in their own right, or you may choose to use them in combination with other methods to help explore or develop questions or concepts for questionnaires and interview guides, for example. Utilising a Focus Group allows you to obtain a large amount of information in a short period of time, from a mixed or targeted set of individuals matched to your requirements.


Gaining direct feedback from your end user including patients, carers and healthcare professionals, can give you valuable knowledge into what your audience requires at an early stage of development, therefore avoiding costly design mistakes. Workshops are also an ideal place to gain feedback on multiple options of device design for example, where participants can discuss the pros and cons in an open and friendly environment.

Luto can facilitate Workshops at any of our facilities or venue of your choice. We work closely with you prior to the event to discuss your exact objectives and requirements including data collection and participant specifications.

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