Steven Daglish

Project Manager

Project Manager Steven Daglish is perfectly placed to help ensure that the latest medical devices fully meet the needs and requirements of end users and patients.

With a background in engineering and a previous role with a UK charity, Steven has the technical knowledge and expertise to communicate and build upon relationships with medical device manufacturers, whilst also ensuring that the requirements and sensitivities of the end users are fully appreciated.

After a Masters in Electronic Engineering and research into the biological effects of therapeutic ultrasound, Steven worked for a UK charity – a role that took him to Uganda to develop and implement medical engineering training courses. This involved training technicians and patients how to correctly use, maintain and service a variety of different devices.

During this time, Steven gained a strong understanding of a wide range of medical devices – from patient monitoring, ultrasound, X-ray and incubators to medical gas systems – and the various ways in which they can be used to improve the lives of individuals. He also gained a passion for making sure that users, patients and technicians are able to gain the most from their available equipment.

“It’s great to be part of such a specialist team, knowing that I’ll have the opportunity to utilise my expertise to help improve the experience of patients and users around a variety of medical systems.”