Reverse Advent Calendar Appeal 2017

Following the success of last year’s appeal, the team at Luto will once again be donating much needed emergency food supplies to the local community over the festive period by taking part in the Trussell Trusts reverse advent calendar appeal.

Unlike a normal advent calendar, which is all about receiving a small treat every day until Christmas Day, a reverse advent calendar is about giving a small item every day until you have a box of much needed and useful items, for a chosen charity.

A staggering fourteen million people live in poverty in the UK. This time of year puts even more demand on finances. With cupboards almost bare, many will be faced with rationing the last of their food supplies over the festive period. With nothing left to pay for even the essential groceries, a modest Christmas dinner is out of the question, leaving no choice but to make up a meal from the basics they have left. Yes, something like beans on toast may be tasty, nutritious and affordable, and can even be a little treat when you don’t want to cook a big meal, but it’s hardly a Christmas dinner you’d want to remember.

Between April and September 2017, The Trussell Trust’s 400-strong nextwork of foodbanaks  distributed 586,907 three day emergency food supplies to people in crisis, compared to 519,342 during the same period last year – 208,956 of these went to children.

Newly released figures reveal 47% increase in the number of three-day emergency supplies provided by Trussell Trust foodbanks last December compared to the monthly average for 2016/17 financial year.

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