Patient centricity – Breaking down the buzz word

Luto - Patient centricity – Breaking down the buzz word

“Patient centricity” has become a buzz word in the healthcare community in 2017, but what does it actually mean? Although the name may not be user friendly, the idea itself is all about the user. Patient centricity is about engaging patients and involving them in the development of healthcare services and treatments, to make sure that the end products meet the needs of patients who will use them.

For over 12 years, Luto have been championing patients and the public and giving them a voice and other healthcare companies are now also joining this initiative. User engagement strategies are being set-up by many companies and organisations in the healthcare sector, from the NHS’s “No decision about me, without me” policy documents, to large pharmaceutical and medical device companies. While the main focus of these strategies is to improve patient experiences and make sure their needs are being met, there are also many benefits to the companies and organisations themselves. For example, involving patients in the development of a clinical trial protocol can help identify what barriers there might be for patients, and having this information early can encourage participation, reduce drop-out rates and reduce overall costs associated with running a trial.

Combining our large participant database with a wealth of experience amongst our team, Luto are able to support companies with their patient centric strategies at all levels. We can provide support with:

Our flexible approach can be tailored to meet your specific needs, so contact us today to see how Luto can help you empower your patients.

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