Luto volunteer to take part in a project

Volunteers help us to improve patient information so that it is easy to use and understand.

It’s easy to sign up to volunteer and anyone aged over 18 can take part.

How volunteers help us

Volunteers provide us with important feedback on patient information. They help us to see if the information is easy to use and understand. We then use this feedback to improve the information for people who may need to use it.

Who can volunteer?

Luto always needs new volunteers from across Leeds and Yorkshire to take part in our projects – anyone aged over 18 can register.

What happens when I register?

When you register we will give you some more information about taking part as a volunteer. We will also ask you a few simple questions about your medical history and any medicines you take. This is to make sure we can match you to the right project.

What happens when I take part?

If you are a good match for a project, we will invite you to take part in a session which lasts about 45 minutes.  You will be asked to look through some information about a medicine, medical product or treatment. We’ll then ask you a some questions about the information to see if it is easy to use and understand.

What if I don’t get matched to a project?

If we cannot match you to a project straight away, we may have one that suits you in the near future.

Will I get paid?

You will be paid a small amount towards your travel costs and for your time.

What happens to my personal data?

Any details you provide will remain confidential and in line with the Data Protection Act 1998. We never pass on your details to other people outside of Luto.

Register to take part in a project

We always welcome new and existing volunteers to contact us for more information. It’s really easy to register – just call us on 0113 384 5893 to speak to one of our friendly team or fill in our contact form and we will call you back.

Tell your friends about us and be sure to keep an eye out for regular updates in the news section of our website.